Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Ewe have my attention

Senator Chris Dodd speaks to voters at a house party in Concord hosted by Pam Tarbell at the Mill Brook Gallery. Behind him is a painting by DT Moore. Photo by Preston Gannaway

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

No Food or Drink Allowed

National Education Association worker Kim Anderson attended the New Hampshire Democratic Midterm Convention at Rundlett Middle School dressed in an apple costume. She talked to presidential candidates and voters wearing a sign and stickers that read, "A Child Is More Than a Test Score," and "Great Public Schools are a Basic Right for Every Child." June 2, 2007 Photo by Preston Gannaway

Whispers to Obama

Alice Meattey whispers something to Senator Barack Obama after he spoke at Gary and Meg Hirshberg's house party in Concord, New Hampshire on July 2, 2007. Photo by Preston Gannaway

It's all in the Band

Nashua Rep. Andrew Edwards adjusts a "Draft Al Gore" sign placed next to the Mad Bavarian Brass Band outside yesterday's New Hampshire Democratic Midterm Convention held at Rundlett Middle School in Concord. Democratic presidential candidates including Sen. Joe Biden, Sen. Chris Dodd, Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Gov. Bill Richardson spoke at the convention. Photo by Preston Gannaway

Clinton Embrace

Photo by Lori Duff

Pressing the Flesh

Sarah McClellan reacts as Sen. Joe Biden leans in to make a point about health care while he was campaigning at Market Days in Concord yesterday. Photo by Preston Gannaway

Candy Machine

Photo by Preston Gannaway

Mrs. Giuliani

Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, and his wife Judith, weave through the news media outside the Palace Theater in Manchester, NH after giving the keynote speech at the state's GOP annual meeting. Photo by Preston Gannaway

Presidential Handshake

Senator John McCain waits to greet his next supporter while posing for photographs before speaking at the Grappone Conference Center in Concord, NH. McCain had his picture made with 87 different families and groups to help fundraise for Republican state senators. Photo by Preston Gannaway

Hillary Supporters

Photo by Lori Duff

Giuliani Arrives

Photo by Dan Habib

Thunder Sticks

Chris Dodd supporters inflate thunder sticks before their candidate takes the stage yesterday at the New Hampshire Democratic Midterm Convention in Concord, NH. Photo by Preston Gannaway

Lend me your ear

Campaign staffers whisper to each other while Senator Chris Dodd works the crowd after speaking to voters during a brunch at Hermanos Cocina Mexicana in Concord. Photo by Preston Gannaway

Behind the Republican Debates

Photo by Lori Duff

Hillary Visits Nashua

Photo by Lori Duff

Richardson in the Barbers Chair

Photo by Dan Habib