Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Sign of Support

Caleb Moscoso,9, of Londonderry tries to attract presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton's attention during a campaign event about education at Plymouth State University. Moscoso begged his mother Liani, left, for a day off of school so he could hear Clinton speak and picked out his own wardrobe for the event. Passionate about unfairness, Moscoso's question concerned poor communities and their schools. He said that he went to a good school but he wanted to know how was Hillary going to help other kids who were not as lucky as he was. Clinton didn't call on him during the open session but later answered his question face to face while greeting supporters. Liani said that Caleb was very impressed with Clinton's answers and told his mom to give him a high five. "(Hillary) touched me. I've got her DNA on me!" he exclaimed. Photo by Lori Duff

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